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Health Risk AppraisalHealth Risk Appraisal
(HRA) Questionnaire

The HRA is a confidential questionnaire about your general health and habits administered by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center (UMHMRC).  The simple questions gather information about general health measures and behaviors (such as diet, tobacco and alcohol use, and safety precautions) to determine your individual health status.


Wellness Screening
Learn the important numbers to better understand your risk for heart disease and diabetes. The wellness screening consists of a blood draw for a cholesterol profile (total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides) and fasting glucose. Click here to learn more about the wellness screening.


Take Charge. Live Well!
Speaker Series.

View videos of health and wellness sessions presented by professionals in their field. Learn about health topics that may impact us personally or those around us.


Healthwise HandbookThe Healthwise® Handbook
The Healthwise® Handbook is one of the most trusted self-care resources available. This handbook provides you and your family practical information and advice on recognizing symptoms, preventing injuries and illnesses, appropriate home care, and when to seek professional care. Take Charge. Live Well!

Request your free copy today and become a wise healthcare consumer.

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